You would never know that it was a very cold February day when Liz and Kevin celebrated their beautiful wedding at the Roswell Historic Cottage! We started the day at the historic Roswell Mill and thankfully all of the beautiful sunshine helped everyone get through the frigid temps! Liz and Kevin shared an amazing first look on the covered bridge and everything about the rest of the day was a perfect reflection of these two incredibly wonderful people! It was such an honor to capture all of these incredibly fun moments!

Favorite Moment: “Even thought we did a first look, my favorite moment by far was the moment I saw his at the end of the aisle.  I was so nervous about walking down the aisle, but every part of that went away as soon as I saw him.  A moment you never forget.”–Liz

Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 01Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 02Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 03Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 04Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 05Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 06Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 07Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 08Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 09Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 10Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 11Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 12Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 13Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 14Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 15Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 16Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 17Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 18Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 19Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 20Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 21Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 22Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 23Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 24Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 25Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 26Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 27Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 28Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 29Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 30Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 31Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 32Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 33Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 34Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 35Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 36Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 37Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 38Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 39Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 40

Roswell Historic Cottage Wedding 41

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Amy and Ben shared the most lovely daytime wedding at the wonderful Piedmont Room in January! The decor and flowers were amazing, the ceremony was perfect and the day was filled with so much love! My favorite moment was right before the ceremony when Amy was surrounded by the beautiful women of her family in the bridal room: her daughter, her mother, her grandmother and her mother-in-law. I didn’t hear what was said, but I looked over and saw Amy getting a bit teary-eyed. It was wonderful to witness all of the love gathered around her as she prepared to marry Ben.

Favorite Moment: “My favorite moment was seeing my future husband waiting for me at the end of the aisle!  I think our ceremony was sweet and intimate and I felt as if no one else was there but us!  Oh and seeing my daughter all dressed up, she went from looking 11 to 16 that day, she was beautiful!”–Amy

Piedmont Room Atlanta Wedding 02Piedmont Room Atlanta Wedding 03Piedmont Room Atlanta Wedding 04Piedmont Room Atlanta Wedding 05Piedmont Room Atlanta Wedding 06Piedmont Room Atlanta Wedding 07Piedmont Room Atlanta Wedding 08Piedmont Room Atlanta Wedding 09Piedmont Room Atlanta Wedding 10Piedmont Room Atlanta Wedding 11Thanks to my second shooter Erin for the great shots of Ben and the groomsmen!Piedmont Room Atlanta Wedding 12Piedmont Room Atlanta Wedding 13Piedmont Room Atlanta Wedding 14Piedmont Room Atlanta Wedding 15Piedmont Room Atlanta Wedding 16Piedmont Room Atlanta Wedding 17Piedmont Room Atlanta Wedding 18Piedmont Room Atlanta Wedding 19Piedmont Room Atlanta Wedding 20Piedmont Room Atlanta Wedding 21Piedmont Room Atlanta Wedding 22Piedmont Room Atlanta Wedding 23Piedmont Room Atlanta Wedding 24Piedmont Room Atlanta Wedding 25Piedmont Room Atlanta Wedding 26Piedmont Room Atlanta Wedding 27Piedmont Room Atlanta Wedding 28Piedmont Room Atlanta Wedding 29Piedmont Room Atlanta Wedding 30Piedmont Room Atlanta Wedding 31Piedmont Room Atlanta Wedding 32Piedmont Room Atlanta Wedding 33Piedmont Room Atlanta Wedding 34Piedmont Room Atlanta Wedding 35Piedmont Room Atlanta Wedding 36Piedmont Room Atlanta Wedding 37Piedmont Room Atlanta Wedding 38

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I photographed a lot of wonderful families this past fall and early winter and am finally getting a chance to share them! I met this wonderful family for the first time in January to do a family session at their home and at Whittier Mill Park. This lovely couple has two absolutely fantastic daughters and with a little coaxing of a few pieces of candy–we got plenty of smiles! Can’t wait to photograph them again soon!

Smyrna Family Photography 01Smyrna Family Photography 02Smyrna Family Photography 03Smyrna Family Photography 04Smyrna Family Photography 05Smyrna Family Photography 06Smyrna Family Photography 07Smyrna Family Photography 08Smyrna Family Photography 09Smyrna Family Photography 10Smyrna Family Photography 11

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Chevonn and Mark celebrated their wedding on a beautiful fall day at the end of November at Eventide Brewing in Grant Park! The whole day was spent around Grant Park–starting at their home in the neighborhood, the ceremony at the brewery and gorgeous sunset photos in the park. It was a truly lovely day made all the better by Chevonn’s contagious smile and laughter and Mark’s easygoing and fun-loving personality. This leads to my favorite moment of the wedding when Mark donned a wild wig and a pair of sunglasses and recited some heartfelt and hilarious words to Chevonn. I am so honored to have been there to capture this lovely couple throughout their fantastic day!

Favorite Moment: “The energy of the day had taken on a life of its own, but when I saw Mark awaiting me everything slowed down- he was so dashing in his suit- and I was able for the first time to be in the moment.  Even now I can hardly believe that this amazing man is my husband.  Having all of our family and friends all in the same place was absolutely wonderful, and quite the logistical feat.  The day was full of love and laughter, and we will cherish it always.”–Chevonn

Eventide Grant Park Wedding 02
Eventide Grant Park Wedding 04Eventide Grant Park Wedding 05Eventide Grant Park Wedding 06Eventide Grant Park Wedding 07Eventide Grant Park Wedding 08Eventide Grant Park Wedding 09Eventide Grant Park Wedding 10Eventide Grant Park Wedding 11Eventide Grant Park Wedding 12Eventide Grant Park Wedding 13Eventide Grant Park Wedding 14Eventide Grant Park Wedding 15Eventide Grant Park Wedding 16Eventide Grant Park Wedding 17Eventide Grant Park Wedding 18Eventide Grant Park Wedding 19Eventide Grant Park Wedding 20Eventide Grant Park Wedding 21Eventide Grant Park Wedding 22Eventide Grant Park Wedding 23Eventide Grant Park Wedding 24Eventide Grant Park Wedding 25Eventide Grant Park Wedding 26Eventide Grant Park Wedding 27Eventide Grant Park Wedding 28Eventide Grant Park Wedding 29Eventide Grant Park Wedding 30Eventide Grant Park Wedding 31Eventide Grant Park Wedding 32Eventide Grant Park Wedding 33Eventide Grant Park Wedding 34Eventide Grant Park Wedding 35Eventide Grant Park Wedding 36Eventide Grant Park Wedding 37Eventide Grant Park Wedding 38

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