My favorite thing about photographing weddings is capturing all of the emotions: the excitement, the nervousness, the joy, the laughter and the tears! Katie and Marc’s wedding day had everything I love: two wonderful people surrounded by all of their fantastic family and friends, sharing their happiness with everyone around them. They celebrated their beautiful ceremony at St. Jude the Apostle Catholic Church and had a gorgeous reception at Ivy Hall in Roswell! It was such an honor to capture this amazing day!

Favorite Moment: There were two moments during the reception that will be forever etched in my mind. When all the guys got down on one knee and sang to me and when Marc, Sarah, my dad and myself were all dancing in a circle with our arms around each other.–Katie

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You know those days where the sky is impeccably blue and the sun is shining and the temperature is perfect and you are standing in the woods and feel like it couldn’t get any better? That is exactly the feeling I think everyone had on Sue and Derek’s wedding day at Red Top Mountain! Sue and Derek are kind, loving and incredibly hard working people! It’s easy to see why the love each other and why everyone loves them. It was an honor to photograph such an amazing day!

“I think my favorite part was our vows and the handwriting ceremony. We wrote the whole ceremony together and it went as beautifully as we imagined. For Derek his favorite part was when the band played Piano Man at the end of the evening and we got to dance in the middle of all our friends and family. We were so overwhelmed with all of the love from everyone at that moment.” —Sue


Red Top Mountain Wedding 01Red Top Mountain Wedding 02Red Top Mountain Wedding 03Red Top Mountain Wedding 04Red Top Mountain Wedding 05Red Top Mountain Wedding 06Red Top Mountain Wedding 07Red Top Mountain Wedding 08Red Top Mountain Wedding 09Red Top Mountain Wedding 10Red Top Mountain Wedding 10ARed Top Mountain Wedding 11Red Top Mountain Wedding 12Red Top Mountain Wedding 13Red Top Mountain Wedding 14Red Top Mountain Wedding 15Red Top Mountain Wedding 16Red Top Mountain Wedding 17Red Top Mountain Wedding 18Red Top Mountain Wedding 19Red Top Mountain Wedding 20Red Top Mountain Wedding 21Red Top Mountain Wedding 22Red Top Mountain Wedding 23Red Top Mountain Wedding 24Red Top Mountain Wedding 25Red Top Mountain Wedding 26Red Top Mountain Wedding 27Red Top Mountain Wedding 28Red Top Mountain Wedding 29Red Top Mountain Wedding 30Red Top Mountain Wedding 31Red Top Mountain Wedding 32Red Top Mountain Wedding 33Red Top Mountain Wedding 34Red Top Mountain Wedding 35Red Top Mountain Wedding 36Red Top Mountain Wedding 37

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This was a perfect wedding to finish up 2016 with: one of my favorite venues (Kimball Hall), with an amazing and hilarious couple (Sarah & Jimmy) and a picture perfect fall day! Sarah and Jimmy are wonderful: they are incredibly smart and kind, caring and considerate and they definitely know how to make each other laugh! I had so much fun photographing their beautiful ceremony at Saint Peter Chanel and then heading over to the lovely Kimball Hall for the reception. My favorite moment of the day was the exit from the reception. They had all of their guests using poppers and seeing the two of them tangled up in string as they tried to make their way out was hilarious! What an honor to photograph this amazing wedding!


Thanks to my second shooter Erin for the great shots of Jimmy and the guys!kimball-hall-wedding-07kimball-hall-wedding-08kimball-hall-wedding-09kimball-hall-wedding-10kimball-hall-wedding-11kimball-hall-wedding-12kimball-hall-wedding-13kimball-hall-wedding-14kimball-hall-wedding-15kimball-hall-wedding-16kimball-hall-wedding-17kimball-hall-wedding-18kimball-hall-wedding-19kimball-hall-wedding-20kimball-hall-wedding-21kimball-hall-wedding-22kimball-hall-wedding-23kimball-hall-wedding-24kimball-hall-wedding-25kimball-hall-wedding-26kimball-hall-wedding-27kimball-hall-wedding-28kimball-hall-wedding-29kimball-hall-wedding-30kimball-hall-wedding-31kimball-hall-wedding-32kimball-hall-wedding-32akimball-hall-wedding-33kimball-hall-wedding-34kimball-hall-wedding-35kimball-hall-wedding-36kimball-hall-wedding-37kimball-hall-wedding-38kimball-hall-wedding-39kimball-hall-wedding-40kimball-hall-wedding-41kimball-hall-wedding-42kimball-hall-wedding-43

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