The thing I loved most about Chrissy and Jonathan’s gorgeous wedding at the Piedmont Garden Tent in Atlanta is that they are the kind of people who are endlessly laughing with their friends and most importantly with each other! Their joy is so contagious! You can see it in every moment–so much love and happiness and laughter when they are together. These two have such a special relationship and it was an honor to capture such an amazing wedding day!

Favorite Moment: “My favorite moment of the ceremony was exchanging our vows. We went back on forth if we should write our own – and I’m so glad we did. I didn’t expect to get emotional when Jonathan was reading his, but it was so meaningful and special that I couldn’t help tear up!”–as told by Chrissy

Piedmont Garden Tent Wedding 01Piedmont Garden Tent Wedding 02Piedmont Garden Tent Wedding 03Piedmont Garden Tent Wedding 04Piedmont Garden Tent Wedding 38Piedmont Garden Tent Wedding 05Piedmont Garden Tent Wedding 06Piedmont Garden Tent Wedding 07Piedmont Garden Tent Wedding 08Piedmont Garden Tent Wedding 09Piedmont Garden Tent Wedding 10Piedmont Garden Tent Wedding 11Piedmont Garden Tent Wedding 12Piedmont Garden Tent Wedding 13Piedmont Garden Tent Wedding 14Piedmont Garden Tent Wedding 15Piedmont Garden Tent Wedding 16Piedmont Garden Tent Wedding 17Piedmont Garden Tent Wedding 18Piedmont Garden Tent Wedding 19Piedmont Garden Tent Wedding 20Piedmont Garden Tent Wedding 21Piedmont Garden Tent Wedding 22Piedmont Garden Tent Wedding 23Piedmont Garden Tent Wedding 24Piedmont Garden Tent Wedding 25Piedmont Garden Tent Wedding 26Piedmont Garden Tent Wedding 27Piedmont Garden Tent Wedding 28Piedmont Garden Tent Wedding 29Piedmont Garden Tent Wedding 30Piedmont Garden Tent Wedding 31Piedmont Garden Tent Wedding 32Piedmont Garden Tent Wedding 33Piedmont Garden Tent Wedding 34Piedmont Garden Tent Wedding 35Piedmont Garden Tent Wedding 36Piedmont Garden Tent Wedding 37

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Laura and Chris created a gorgeous wedding day at The Solarium in Decatur–putting together all of the decor, the amazing flowers and centerpieces! It is so wonderful when a couple can create a day that is truly special and unique to them and Laura and Chris did just that! There were so many beautiful and heartfelt moments with these two and I loved being able to capture every bit of this wonderful day!

Favorite Moment: “Chris and I both agree that our favorite moment was the first look. It was so lovely to have that quiet moment for just the two of us, just talking and laughing (and crying) before all of the busyness of the day set in.”–as told by Laura

The Solarium Decatur Wedding 01The Solarium Decatur Wedding 02The Solarium Decatur Wedding 03The Solarium Decatur Wedding 04The Solarium Decatur Wedding 05The Solarium Decatur Wedding 06The Solarium Decatur Wedding 07The Solarium Decatur Wedding 08The Solarium Decatur Wedding 09The Solarium Decatur Wedding 10The Solarium Decatur Wedding 11The Solarium Decatur Wedding 12The Solarium Decatur Wedding 13The Solarium Decatur Wedding 14The Solarium Decatur Wedding 15The Solarium Decatur Wedding 16The Solarium Decatur Wedding 17The Solarium Decatur Wedding 18The Solarium Decatur Wedding 19The Solarium Decatur Wedding 20The Solarium Decatur Wedding 21The Solarium Decatur Wedding 22The Solarium Decatur Wedding 23The Solarium Decatur Wedding 24The Solarium Decatur Wedding 25The Solarium Decatur Wedding 26The Solarium Decatur Wedding 27The Solarium Decatur Wedding 28The Solarium Decatur Wedding 29The Solarium Decatur Wedding 30The Solarium Decatur Wedding 31The Solarium Decatur Wedding 32The Solarium Decatur Wedding 33The Solarium Decatur Wedding 34The Solarium Decatur Wedding 35The Solarium Decatur Wedding 36The Solarium Decatur Wedding 37The Solarium Decatur Wedding 38

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I love how things always have a way of working out perfectly and Julie and Jason’s wedding day was exactly that! Rain was in the forecast all day for the wedding and yet by the time Saturday came around, the weather cooperated to allow for their beautiful outdoor ceremony at Kimball Hall in Roswell! Julie and Jason were all smiles and their love for each other and their family and friends made everything about the day even better! It was an honor to capture such beautiful moments with these two very special people!

Favorite Moment: “I would say my favorite thing about the day overall was just having all our friends and family in one place.  My favorite moment was probably our crazy Hora dance.  Also when my dad came in, I didn’t expect him to cry at all so even though we hated it at the time it’s a great moment to look back on.”–as told by Julie

Kimball Hall Wedding 01Kimball Hall Wedding 02Kimball Hall Wedding 03Kimball Hall Wedding 04Kimball Hall Wedding 05Kimball Hall Wedding 06Kimball Hall Wedding 07Kimball Hall Wedding 08Kimball Hall Wedding 09Kimball Hall Wedding 10Kimball Hall Wedding 12Kimball Hall Wedding 13Kimball Hall Wedding 14Kimball Hall Wedding 15Kimball Hall Wedding 16Kimball Hall Wedding 17Kimball Hall Wedding 18Kimball Hall Wedding 19Kimball Hall Wedding 20Kimball Hall Wedding 21Kimball Hall Wedding 22Kimball Hall Wedding 23Kimball Hall Wedding 24Kimball Hall Wedding 25Kimball Hall Wedding 26Kimball Hall Wedding 27Kimball Hall Wedding 28Kimball Hall Wedding 29Kimball Hall Wedding 30Kimball Hall Wedding 31Kimball Hall Wedding 32Kimball Hall Wedding 33Kimball Hall Wedding 34Kimball Hall Wedding 35Kimball Hall Wedding 36Kimball Hall Wedding 37Kimball Hall Wedding 38Kimball Hall Wedding 39Kimball Hall Wedding 40Kimball Hall Wedding 41Kimball Hall Wedding 42Kimball Hall Wedding 43

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Heather - May 5, 2015 - 2:20 pm

these are some great shots!


As I was preparing to update my website with new wedding images I came across so many photos that I have loved from the past couple of years. The common element was the love, joy and emotions that families have when witnessing their children or grandchildren or siblings get married. From tearful embraces to quiet moments of a father seeing his daughter as a bride–they are some of my absolute favorite moments to document. One of the best things about the wedding day is witnessing and capturing so much wonderful emotion!Wedding Emotions 01Wedding Emotions 02Wedding Emotions 03Wedding Emotions 05Wedding Emotions 04Wedding Emotions 06Wedding Emotions 07Wedding Emotions 08Wedding Emotions 09Wedding Emotions 10Wedding Emotions 11Wedding Emotions 12Wedding Emotions 13Wedding Emotions 14Wedding Emotions 15
Wedding Emotions 17

Wedding Emotions 16
Wedding Emotions 18Wedding Emotions 19Wedding Emotions 20Wedding Emotions 21Wedding Emotions 22Wedding Emotions 23Wedding Emotions 24Wedding Emotions 25Wedding Emotions 26Wedding Emotions 27Wedding Emotions 28Wedding Emotions 29Wedding Emotions 30Wedding Emotions 31

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