Rachel and Sam celebrated their beautiful wedding at the Garden at Great Oaks in Roswell surrounded by all of their wonderful family and friends! My favorite moment from the day was when Sam saw Rachel walking down the aisle. All of the love and anticipation of the moment was on his face as he watched her walk down with her dad. The reception was a blast as the two danced the night away with everyone! It was such an honor to capture all of the wonderful moments from their day!

Favorite Moments: “Our favorite moment from our wedding was probably the ceremony. We had a minute to ourselves afterwards that was really our favorite.”–Rachel

gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-01gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-02gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-03gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-04gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-05gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-06gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-07gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-08gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-09gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-10gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-11gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-12Many thanks to my second shooter Erin Schopf for the great images of the guys!gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-13gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-14gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-15gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-16gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-17gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-18gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-19gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-20gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-21gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-22gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-23gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-24gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-25gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-26gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-27gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-28gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-29gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-30gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-31gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-32gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-33gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-34gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-35gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-36gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-37gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-37agardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-38gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-39gardens-at-great-oaks-wedding-40

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It’s hard to put into words what an amazing wedding day Anne and Ryan celebrated at St. Jude the Apostle Catholic Church and Kimball Hall! Of course the dress was gorgeous, the decor was beautiful and the ceremony was so heartfelt but the best part of the day was seeing the joy on Anne and Ryan’s faces. The mix of excitement, happiness and love coming from the two of them and being shared by all of their family and friends was so wonderful. My favorite moment of the day was after Anne had gotten into her gown and her youngest sister walked into the room. She was  overcome with emotion at seeing her big sister as a bride and it was so beautiful to witness and photograph!

Favorite Moments: “One of my favorite parts of the day was the feeling of pure joy that filled the atmosphere. This came through so strongly in a few moments – toasts from Charlie, Aubrey, and Daddy, dancing with all our friends and family, seeing my now husband at the end of the aisle. I felt such an immense amount of joy knowing that Ryan and I get to celebrate life and love together forever, and our community would do the same with us.”–Anne


Thanks to the lovely Brenda Upton for second shooting with me and getting these great shots of Ryan and the groomsmen!


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You couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful location and gorgeous day for Shayna and Ricky’s wedding at The Walters Barn! I loved everything about this wedding–from the beautiful scenery and decor, the awesome friends and family and most importantly Shayna and Ricky, who just keep each other and everyone else laughing all of the time! My favorite moments from the wedding came during the reception when they were dancing–you could just see not only how much they love each other, but what an absolute blast they have together!

Favorite Moments: “Our first look and our first dance were my favorite moments and Ricky said our first dance and me walking down the aisle were his favorite.” —Shayna

The Walters Barn 01The Walters Barn 02The Walters Barn 03The Walters Barn 04The Walters Barn 05The Walters Barn 06The Walters Barn 07The Walters Barn 08The Walters Barn 09The Walters Barn 10The Walters Barn 11The Walters Barn 12The Walters Barn 14Many thanks to my second shooter Jennifer Boxley for her great shots of Ricky and the groomsmen!The Walters Barn 15The Walters Barn 16The Walters Barn 17The Walters Barn 18The Walters Barn 19The Walters Barn 20The Walters Barn 21The Walters Barn 22The Walters Barn 23The Walters Barn 24The Walters Barn 25The Walters Barn 26The Walters Barn 27The Walters Barn 28The Walters Barn 29The Walters Barn 30The Walters Barn 31The Walters Barn 32The Walters Barn 33The Walters Barn 34The Walters Barn 35The Walters Barn 36The Walters Barn 37The Walters Barn 38The Walters Barn 39The Walters Barn 40The Walters Barn 41The Walters Barn 42The Walters Barn 43The Walters Barn 44The Walters Barn 45The Walters Barn 46The Walters Barn 47The Walters Barn 48The Walters Barn 49The Walters Barn 50

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Kim and Chris have an amazing story that involves a long love and marriage, time apart and a coming together again filled with a beautifully renewed commitment. They worked so hard to create the exact wedding that would reflect this new love that they have found within each other and so they held their beautiful ceremony in the backyard of their home in Columbus, Mississippi. This day, surrounded by this wonderfully intimate group of family and close friends, was truly magic. My favorite moment of the day were the toasts at the reception. They were so heartfelt and loving and said so much about what amazing people Kim and Chris are. It truly was an honor to be a part of this very special wedding and I am so thrilled to have captured such lovely moments!

Favorite Moment: “I have many moments that come to mind, but when Chris and I walked over to Temple Heights with you after we were dressed and ready, it all felt real.  I had that “wow we really got back together and are getting married!” moment. Another amazing moment was when we walked into the reception and Chris grabbed me and kissed me!”–Kim

Mississippi Wedding 01Mississippi Wedding 02Mississippi Wedding 03Mississippi Wedding 04Mississippi Wedding 05Mississippi Wedding 06Mississippi Wedding 07Mississippi Wedding 08Mississippi Wedding 09Mississippi Wedding 10Mississippi Wedding 11Mississippi Wedding 12Mississippi Wedding 13Mississippi Wedding 14Mississippi Wedding 15Mississippi Wedding 16Mississippi Wedding 17Mississippi Wedding 18Mississippi Wedding 19Mississippi Wedding 20Mississippi Wedding 21Mississippi Wedding 22Mississippi Wedding 23Mississippi Wedding 26Mississippi Wedding 27Mississippi Wedding 29Mississippi Wedding 30Mississippi Wedding 32Mississippi Wedding 33Mississippi Wedding 34Mississippi Wedding 35Mississippi Wedding 36Mississippi Wedding 37Mississippi Wedding 38Mississippi Wedding 39Mississippi Wedding 40Mississippi Wedding 41Mississippi Wedding 42Mississippi Wedding 43Mississippi Wedding 44Mississippi Wedding 45Mississippi Wedding 46Mississippi Wedding 47Mississippi Wedding 48Mississippi Wedding 49Mississippi Wedding 50Mississippi Wedding 51

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There probably aren’t enough words to explain what a beautiful and meaningful wedding day this was–not only to Alicia and Seth–but truly to their whole family. The abundance of love that Alicia and Seth share for one another is echoed by the love they have for their families. It was such a joy to capture all of the amazing moments and by far my favorite was seeing Seth’s reaction as Alicia walked down the aisle at the Hazlehurst House in McDonough. You could just get a sense of all of the emotions they were experiencing and it is exactly what makes a wedding do so wonderful!

Favorite Moment: “I’m so torn between two moments. One of my most favorite moments was seeing Seth when I walking down the aisle and when I got to him he said “You showed up!”.  My other was getting to see him toast his dad. That was such an awesome moment for him to tell his dad just how much he means to him and us.”–Alicia

Hazlehurst House Wedding 01Hazlehurst House Wedding 02Hazlehurst House Wedding 03Hazlehurst House Wedding 04Hazlehurst House Wedding 05Hazlehurst House Wedding 06Hazlehurst House Wedding 07Hazlehurst House Wedding 08Hazlehurst House Wedding 09Many thanks to my second shooter Erin for the great shots of Seth and his groomsmen and in particular the wonderful moments with his father. Hazlehurst House Wedding 10Hazlehurst House Wedding 11Hazlehurst House Wedding 12Hazlehurst House Wedding 13Hazlehurst House Wedding 14Hazlehurst House Wedding 15Hazlehurst House Wedding 16Hazlehurst House Wedding 17Hazlehurst House Wedding 18Hazlehurst House Wedding 19Hazlehurst House Wedding 20Hazlehurst House Wedding 21Hazlehurst House Wedding 22Hazlehurst House Wedding 23Hazlehurst House Wedding 24Hazlehurst House Wedding 25Hazlehurst House Wedding 26Hazlehurst House Wedding 27Hazlehurst House Wedding 28Hazlehurst House Wedding 29Hazlehurst House Wedding 30Hazlehurst House Wedding 31Hazlehurst House Wedding 32To say that Seth’s toast to his father was incredibly special would not even be doing it justice. They have an amazing faith and bond. Hazlehurst House Wedding 33Hazlehurst House Wedding 34Hazlehurst House Wedding 35Hazlehurst House Wedding 36Hazlehurst House Wedding 37Hazlehurst House Wedding 38Hazlehurst House Wedding 39Hazlehurst House Wedding 40Hazlehurst House Wedding 41Hazlehurst House Wedding 42

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