It’s easy to see in every one of these photos how much Mallory and Brandon love each other and how much they love and care for all of their family and friends! Their excitement, enthusiasm and passion for life is simply contagious and being able to capture their wedding day was such an honor! It was a beautiful Fall day at Vecoma Yellow River and when these two walked up to each other for their First Look before the ceremony you could feel all of the amazing joy and emotion and love. Congrats to Mallory and Brandon–they are truly two very special people!

Favorite Moments: “Seeing Brandon for the first time was hands down my favorite moment. The lead up, as each of the groomsman gave me a hug and then walking up to him and that moment we both locked eyes-WOW!! It’s hard to put into words the love and excitement that was felt in that moment. Our own moment, 100%, vulnerably us. A moment to say, “okay, I got you, let’s do this!” Followed by a close second of the magical sparkler exit!”–Mallory

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It doesn’t get better than this: an absolutely beautiful day filled with gorgeous, bright colors, a fusion wedding representing cultures of two people who love and respect each other deeply and being surrounded by three hundred people who are so excited to celebrate! April and Ridwan had an amazing day getting ready at the Emory Conference Center Hotel and a gorgeous wedding at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History! It was such a thrill to capture all of these moments from their incredible day!

Favorite Moments: “One of my favorite moments from the wedding day was seeing April in her lehenga sari for the first time. She looked so pretty in the colors, and it really hit home that we were getting married. I felt very proud to be marrying her.”–Ridwan

“My favorite part of the wedding day was the ceremony. We worked hard to make sure it represented our diverse backgrounds and shared values. Even though we had planned most of the elements, we still managed to surprise each other with some of our personal reflections.”–April


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Alyson and Chris celebrated their beautiful wedding at Kimball Hall in Roswell–and what a spectacular day it was! These two are simply wonderful people–kind, caring, compassionate and filled with laughter. There were so many amazing moments of the day and it was especially an honor to photograph the relationship between Alyson and her three sisters–it is lucky indeed to have the kind of bond that they share. I am so thrilled for Chris and Alyson, their wedding truly reflects what a wonderful couple they are!

Favorite Moments: “It’s so hard to pick a favorite moment! It was such a perfect day. But I think the best was surprising Chris with November Rain. He really was so surprised and had no idea. The others that stand out are finishing getting ready with my sisters and the first look with my dad. It really was all so amazing!”–Alyson


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Stephanie and James celebrated their beautiful wedding at the lovely Kimball Hall in Roswell! It was a gorgeous summer day and all of their wonderful family and friends were so excited to celebrate with them. One of my favorite moments of the day was when Stephanie’s parents came in to see her all dressed in the bridal room–you could just see how proud and happy they were for Stephanie and it made for such a perfect moment! I am so honored to have captured this incredibly kind and wonderful couple–congratulations to Stephanie and James!

Favorite Moment: I asked James what his favorite moment was and it was the same as mine, when I walked down the aisle. There was just something about that walk with the music playing and locking eyes with each other.”–Stephanie

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Adam W - August 31, 2017 - 8:39 am

Nice photos. Had a great time! Was happy to be a part of it… Love u guys an many yrs of happiness to u both


I’ve been lucky enough to know Aubrie since she was a little girl and now she is a beautiful young woman in her senior year of high school! She has great ambitions for a career in the biomedical sciences and I have no doubt she will succeed in whatever she pursues! We had a blast doing photos around west Midtown and I can’t wait to see all that is in store for her in the coming years!

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