Michele and Jon’s wedding day at the Vines Mansion in Loganville was absolutely wonderful! Not only was it a beautiful Fall afternoon, but the venue is located at one of the most lovely gardens around! Truly the day was perfect because Michele is one of the funniest and kindest people you could meet and Jon is her perfect match with his laid back and easy-going manner. I always ask my brides what their favorite moment is from the day and I thought it might be fun to start sharing mine! I absolutely loved the toasts by the best man and maid of honor because Michele’s reaction to both of those speeches (one with great laughter and one with sweet tears) really captured how special she and Jon are both to those they love and each other!

Favorite Moment: “My specific favorite moment of the wedding was at one point when I was dancing, I saw Jon run and slide onto the dance floor. I’ve never seen him so happy and it was hilarious. Other than that, the whole thing (ceremony/reception) was AMAZING. My brother told me that weddings are one of the only times where EVERYONE you love is in one place and I feel that is truly what made it special for Jon and I. We were surrounded by the people we love and words cannot even express how amazing that feels.”–Michele

Vines Mansion Wedding 01Vines Mansion Wedding 02Vines Mansion Wedding 03Vines Mansion Wedding 04Vines Mansion Wedding 05Vines Mansion Wedding 06Vines Mansion Wedding 07Vines Mansion Wedding 08Vines Mansion Wedding 09Vines Mansion Wedding 10Vines Mansion Wedding 11Vines Mansion Wedding 12Vines Mansion Wedding 13Vines Mansion Wedding 14Vines Mansion Wedding 15Vines Mansion Wedding 16Vines Mansion Wedding 17Vines Mansion Wedding 18Vines Mansion Wedding 19Vines Mansion Wedding 20Vines Mansion Wedding 21Vines Mansion Wedding 22Vines Mansion Wedding 23Vines Mansion Wedding 24Vines Mansion Wedding 25Vines Mansion Wedding 26Vines Mansion Wedding 27Vines Mansion Wedding 28Vines Mansion Wedding 29Vines Mansion Wedding 30Vines Mansion Wedding 31Vines Mansion Wedding 32Vines Mansion Wedding 33Vines Mansion Wedding 34Vines Mansion Wedding 35Vines Mansion Wedding 36Vines Mansion Wedding 37Vines Mansion Wedding 38Vines Mansion Wedding 39

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Colette and Mike celebrated their beautiful wedding at Peachtree Presbyterian on a gorgeous November day in Atlanta! Colette and Mike are an incredibly lovely pair whose relationship is marked by much laughter, joy and love! It was such an honor to be a part of their day capturing all of these fantastic moments, including a wonderful First Look and a fabulous reception at Chastain Horse Park!

Favorite Moment: “There were so many special, memorable moments (first look, walk down the aisle, vows, first dance) that it’s hard to pick. The entire day far exceeded both our expectations from start to finish, and we’ll forever treasure our memories.”–Colette

Chastain Horse Park Atlanta Wedding 01Chastain Horse Park Atlanta Wedding 02Chastain Horse Park Atlanta Wedding 03Chastain Horse Park Atlanta Wedding 04Chastain Horse Park Atlanta Wedding 05Chastain Horse Park Atlanta Wedding 06Chastain Horse Park Atlanta Wedding 07Chastain Horse Park Atlanta Wedding 08Chastain Horse Park Atlanta Wedding 09Chastain Horse Park Atlanta Wedding 10Chastain Horse Park Atlanta Wedding 11Chastain Horse Park Atlanta Wedding 12Chastain Horse Park Atlanta Wedding 13Chastain Horse Park Atlanta Wedding 14Chastain Horse Park Atlanta Wedding 15Chastain Horse Park Atlanta Wedding 16Chastain Horse Park Atlanta Wedding 17Chastain Horse Park Atlanta Wedding 18Chastain Horse Park Atlanta Wedding 19Chastain Horse Park Atlanta Wedding 20Chastain Horse Park Atlanta Wedding 21Chastain Horse Park Atlanta Wedding 22Chastain Horse Park Atlanta Wedding 23Chastain Horse Park Atlanta Wedding 24Chastain Horse Park Atlanta Wedding 25Chastain Horse Park Atlanta Wedding 26Chastain Horse Park Atlanta Wedding 27Chastain Horse Park Atlanta Wedding 28Chastain Horse Park Atlanta Wedding 29Chastain Horse Park Atlanta Wedding 30Chastain Horse Park Atlanta Wedding 31Chastain Horse Park Atlanta Wedding 32

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I love photographing families and I am especially honored when the mom and dad are a former bride and groom of mine! Ally and Trent have two beautiful children now and it was so great to meet Ms. Parker (how cute is she?!). We had a great time photographing at Heritage Sandy Springs park and thanks to the promise of some new matchbox cars–Miller decided to be in at least half of our photos! I adore this wonderful family!

Sandy Springs Family Photography 01Sandy Springs Family Photography 02Sandy Springs Family Photography 03Sandy Springs Family Photography 04Sandy Springs Family Photography 05Sandy Springs Family Photography 06Sandy Springs Family Photography 07Sandy Springs Family Photography 08Sandy Springs Family Photography 09Sandy Springs Family Photography 10

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Sarah and Graham’s wedding was held on one of those absolutely perfect Atlanta Fall days–gorgeous blue skies, temperatures in the low 70’s and the leaves showing the early hint of color change. What made the day most special was these two incredibly kind, loving and generous people celebrating their commitment to one another in front of their wonderful family and friends! Sarah and Graham have this amazing chemistry together and seeing their endless smiles throughout the First Look at Agnes Scott College and ceremony and reception at Wahoo Grill was simply perfect. What a fantastic day!

Favorite Moments: “We both had the BEST day and really loved being with our friends and family. I loved our time at Agnes Scott and seeing my husband for the first time and the look on his face when he saw me. I think one of the things Graham and I both enjoyed the most was feeling the love and joy and emotion from the audience during the ceremony.”–Sarah

Wahoo Grill Decatur Wedding 001Wahoo Grill Decatur Wedding 002Wahoo Grill Decatur Wedding 003Wahoo Grill Decatur Wedding 004Wahoo Grill Decatur Wedding 005Wahoo Grill Decatur Wedding 006Wahoo Grill Decatur Wedding 007Wahoo Grill Decatur Wedding 008Wahoo Grill Decatur Wedding 009Wahoo Grill Decatur Wedding 010Wahoo Grill Decatur Wedding 011Wahoo Grill Decatur Wedding 012Wahoo Grill Decatur Wedding 013Wahoo Grill Decatur Wedding 014Wahoo Grill Decatur Wedding 015Wahoo Grill Decatur Wedding 016Wahoo Grill Decatur Wedding 017Wahoo Grill Decatur Wedding 018Wahoo Grill Decatur Wedding 019Wahoo Grill Decatur Wedding 020Wahoo Grill Decatur Wedding 021Wahoo Grill Decatur Wedding 022Wahoo Grill Decatur Wedding 023Wahoo Grill Decatur Wedding 024Wahoo Grill Decatur Wedding 025Wahoo Grill Decatur Wedding 026Wahoo Grill Decatur Wedding 027Wahoo Grill Decatur Wedding 028Wahoo Grill Decatur Wedding 029Wahoo Grill Decatur Wedding 030Wahoo Grill Decatur Wedding 031Wahoo Grill Decatur Wedding 032Wahoo Grill Decatur Wedding 033Wahoo Grill Decatur Wedding 034Wahoo Grill Decatur Wedding 035aho

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