There probably aren’t enough words to explain what a beautiful and meaningful wedding day this was–not only to Alicia and Seth–but truly to their whole family. The abundance of love that Alicia and Seth share for one another is echoed by the love they have for their families. It was such a joy to capture all of the amazing moments and by far my favorite was seeing Seth’s reaction as Alicia walked down the aisle at the Hazlehurst House in McDonough. You could just get a sense of all of the emotions they were experiencing and it is exactly what makes a wedding do so wonderful!

Favorite Moment: “I’m so torn between two moments. One of my most favorite moments was seeing Seth when I walking down the aisle and when I got to him he said “You showed up!”.  My other was getting to see him toast his dad. That was such an awesome moment for him to tell his dad just how much he means to him and us.”–Alicia

Hazlehurst House Wedding 01Hazlehurst House Wedding 02Hazlehurst House Wedding 03Hazlehurst House Wedding 04Hazlehurst House Wedding 05Hazlehurst House Wedding 06Hazlehurst House Wedding 07Hazlehurst House Wedding 08Hazlehurst House Wedding 09Many thanks to my second shooter Erin for the great shots of Seth and his groomsmen and in particular the wonderful moments with his father. Hazlehurst House Wedding 10Hazlehurst House Wedding 11Hazlehurst House Wedding 12Hazlehurst House Wedding 13Hazlehurst House Wedding 14Hazlehurst House Wedding 15Hazlehurst House Wedding 16Hazlehurst House Wedding 17Hazlehurst House Wedding 18Hazlehurst House Wedding 19Hazlehurst House Wedding 20Hazlehurst House Wedding 21Hazlehurst House Wedding 22Hazlehurst House Wedding 23Hazlehurst House Wedding 24Hazlehurst House Wedding 25Hazlehurst House Wedding 26Hazlehurst House Wedding 27Hazlehurst House Wedding 28Hazlehurst House Wedding 29Hazlehurst House Wedding 30Hazlehurst House Wedding 31Hazlehurst House Wedding 32To say that Seth’s toast to his father was incredibly special would not even be doing it justice. They have an amazing faith and bond. Hazlehurst House Wedding 33Hazlehurst House Wedding 34Hazlehurst House Wedding 35Hazlehurst House Wedding 36Hazlehurst House Wedding 37Hazlehurst House Wedding 38Hazlehurst House Wedding 39Hazlehurst House Wedding 40Hazlehurst House Wedding 41Hazlehurst House Wedding 42

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It could not have been a more beautiful spring day at this gorgeous private home on Lake Oconee for the celebration of two wonderful people! Suzann and Fitz hosted their family and friends at this beautiful property in Eatonton with an outdoor ceremony and backyard reception full of amazing details, decor and delicious food. Without a doubt their first dance was my favorite moment of the day! We had a blast capturing all of these amazing moments with this exceptionally lovely pair, who along with most of their guests rocked some awesome cowboy boots! Congratulations to Suzann and Fitz!

Lake Oconee Wedding 01Lake Oconee Wedding 02Lake Oconee Wedding 03Lake Oconee Wedding 04Lake Oconee Wedding 05Lake Oconee Wedding 06Lake Oconee Wedding 07Lake Oconee Wedding 08Lake Oconee Wedding 09Lake Oconee Wedding 10Lake Oconee Wedding 11Many thanks to my second shooter Erin for these great shots of Fitz and his groomsmen!Lake Oconee Wedding 12Lake Oconee Wedding 13Lake Oconee Wedding 14Lake Oconee Wedding 15Lake Oconee Wedding 16Lake Oconee Wedding 17Lake Oconee Wedding 18Lake Oconee Wedding 19Lake Oconee Wedding 20Lake Oconee Wedding 21Lake Oconee Wedding 22Lake Oconee Wedding 23Lake Oconee Wedding 24Lake Oconee Wedding 25Lake Oconee Wedding 26Lake Oconee Wedding 27Lake Oconee Wedding 28Lake Oconee Wedding 29Lake Oconee Wedding 30Lake Oconee Wedding 31Lake Oconee Wedding 32Lake Oconee Wedding 33Lake Oconee Wedding 34Lake Oconee Wedding 35Lake Oconee Wedding 36Lake Oconee Wedding 37

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I met Rachel and Sam at one of my favorite locations, Cator Woolford Gardens in Decatur, bright and early one recent Saturday morning for their engagement session. It was such a gorgeous morning with two exceptionally wonderful people! Rachel and Sam are two of the kindest and most easy going people who break out into laughter with total ease. I can’t wait to photograph their fall wedding at The Gardens at Great Oaks01Cator Woolford Gardens Engagement02Cator Woolford Gardens Engagement03Cator Woolford Gardens Engagement04Cator Woolford Gardens Engagement05Cator Woolford Gardens Engagement06Cator Woolford Gardens Engagement07Cator Woolford Gardens Engagement08Cator Woolford Gardens Engagement09Cator Woolford Gardens Engagement10Cator Woolford Gardens Engagement11Cator Woolford Gardens Engagement12Cator Woolford Gardens Engagement13Cator Woolford Gardens Engagement14Cator Woolford Gardens Engagement

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I loved photographing Stephanie and Clint’s gorgeous wedding at the Conservatory at Waterstone in Acworth! They planned their wedding from out of state and created such fantastic details and decor! My favorite moment of the day was after the ceremony when we did a few extra portraits of Stephanie and Clint and found this beautiful spot tucked away off the main road. The sun was setting, the light was gorgeous and they were simply beaming at each other. What a fantastic day!

Favorite Moment: “I think my favorite moments were the first look and dancing with all our friends/family. I was stressed out about timing and the hook popping off my dress, and having a few minutes alone with Clint really calmed me down. I’m so glad we had that time together in between all the crazy. I also got to see my family do the Cha-cha Slide, which I never thought I’d see! Clint’s favorite part was the ceremony.”–Stephanie

Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 01Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 02Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 03Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 04Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 05Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 06Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 07Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 08Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 09Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 10Thanks to my second shooter Erin for the great shots of Clint and his groomsmen! Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 11Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 12Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 13Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 14Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 15Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 16Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 17Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 18Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 19Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 20Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 21Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 22Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 23Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 24Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 25Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 26Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 27Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 28Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 29Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 30Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 31Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 32Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 33Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 34Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 35Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 36Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 37Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 38Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 39Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 40Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 41Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 42Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 43Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 43AConservatory Waterstone Wedding 44Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 45Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 46Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 47Conservatory Waterstone Wedding 48

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What a perfect wedding to start off the beautiful springtime in Atlanta with Anna Reid and Jackson’s  gorgeous day at the Atlanta Country Club! My favorite moment of the day was the time I spent photographing their portraits after the ceremony. You could just see all of the love and happiness that they were feeling and its shows so clearly in all of the laughter and smiles below. Congratulations to this wonderful couple!

Favorite Moment: “I think one of my favorite moments was the beginning of the ceremony, because we finally were able to see each other and it felt like it was just us even though the room was full.”–Anna Reid

Atlanta Country Club Wedding 01Atlanta Country Club Wedding 02Atlanta Country Club Wedding 03Atlanta Country Club Wedding 04Atlanta Country Club Wedding 05Atlanta Country Club Wedding 06Atlanta Country Club Wedding 07Atlanta Country Club Wedding 08Atlanta Country Club Wedding 09Thanks to my second shooter Erin Schopf for these great shots of the guys!Atlanta Country Club Wedding 10Atlanta Country Club Wedding 11Atlanta Country Club Wedding 12Atlanta Country Club Wedding 13Atlanta Country Club Wedding 14Atlanta Country Club Wedding 15Atlanta Country Club Wedding 16Atlanta Country Club Wedding 17Atlanta Country Club Wedding 18Atlanta Country Club Wedding 19Atlanta Country Club Wedding 20Atlanta Country Club Wedding 21Atlanta Country Club Wedding 22Atlanta Country Club Wedding 23Atlanta Country Club Wedding 24Atlanta Country Club Wedding 25Atlanta Country Club Wedding 26Atlanta Country Club Wedding 27Atlanta Country Club Wedding 28Atlanta Country Club Wedding 29Atlanta Country Club Wedding 30Atlanta Country Club Wedding 31Atlanta Country Club Wedding 32Atlanta Country Club Wedding 33Atlanta Country Club Wedding 34Atlanta Country Club Wedding 35Atlanta Country Club Wedding 36Atlanta Country Club Wedding 37Atlanta Country Club Wedding 38

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