It doesn’t get better than this: an absolutely beautiful day filled with gorgeous, bright colors, a fusion wedding representing cultures of two people who love and respect each other deeply and being surrounded by three hundred people who are so excited to celebrate! April and Ridwan had an amazing day getting ready at the Emory Conference Center Hotel and a gorgeous wedding at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History! It was such a thrill to capture all of these moments from their incredible day!

Favorite Moments: “One of my favorite moments from the wedding day was seeing April in her lehenga sari for the first time. She looked so pretty in the colors, and it really hit home that we were getting married. I felt very proud to be marrying her.”–Ridwan

“My favorite part of the wedding day was the ceremony. We worked hard to make sure it represented our diverse backgrounds and shared values. Even though we had planned most of the elements, we still managed to surprise each other with some of our personal reflections.”–April


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