The first thing you notice about Amanda when you meet her is her incredibly radiant smiled, followed by her great warmth and caring and her desire to welcome you into her life like an old friend. When you meet Richard it is obvious why these two fell in love–he is equally kind and caring and incredibly considerate with an easy-going manner that makes everyone feel at ease. Their beautiful December wedding at the Cathedral of Christ the King and reception at Villa Christina was a perfect reflection of these two along with all of the people who matter most to them. It was a true honor to photograph their day!

“One of my dearest memories from our wedding is walking down the aisle accompanied by my parents. The doors flew open, and the church looked magnificent. My nervousness was replaced with peace and great joy as I walked towards the altar, where my handsome groom was waiting. All around me were beloved family and friends who have loved and supported Richie and me throughout our lives.  I felt as though I was being welcomed into heaven. It was a glorious sight!”–Amanda

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