I love my laid back, easy going brides! Hillary realized she might be in a bit of trouble with a 12:30 ceremony and hair and makeup appointments that didn’t begin until 9:00AM. Of course as things always go at the salon, Hillary was running late getting to the church. Many people might be frustrated and frazzled feeling that kind of time crunch. Not Hillary! She made her way into the bridal area laughing and grinning ear to ear. The girls knew they had to get ready quickly and I swear I have never seen bridesmaids and a bride get dressed that fast–they were awesome!

Hillary and Brandon are such a loving, fun and easy going couple. There is such a warmth and ease when the two of them are around each other that just makes everyone so comfortable. I was so happy that they opted to see each other before the ceremony because the smile on Hillary’s face when Brandon hugged her was simply perfect. From the ceremony at the amazing Cathedral of St. Philip to the reception at the Chastain Horse Park, the day was a wonderful reflection of Hillary and Brandon. No rain or crazy time crunch was going to keep these two and all of their family and friends from having an amazing wedding day. Thank you for letting me share in your beautiful wedding!


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